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#WCW with Briley Lewis

Today is the first #WomenCrushingitWednesday feature of our new shop, featuring multi-talented astronomy graduate student & artist Briley Lewis, founder of AstroBriles!

Briley giving a presentation at the UCLA Planetarium

Briley makes earrings with polymer clay replicas of planetary & astronomical objects that have been super popular at our research conference BOOTHtiques over the last couple years. For our online shop we’re focusing on the minor bodies of the Solar System, which Briley renders in recognizable detail. These objects are  particularly apropos given Comet NEOWISE's current visibility and yesterday's anniversary of the New Horizons Pluto fly-by. The Pluto & Arrokoth earrings are also available in matched pairs. Shop all of AstroBriles here!

Comet Asteroid Psyche Arrokoth & Pluto Titan


Briley also makes zines and writes for AstroBites, a daily blog about astrophysics careers and research by graduate students in astronomy. And this is all in addition to her research on planetary and exoplanetary systems as a graduate student at UCLA. I think you'll agree with me that Briley is crushin' it!


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