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Catching Comets for Wee Wednesday!

Today’s (late-breaking) #WeeWednesday (our first since the online shop officially opened!) is actually a triple-bagger!

“Wee” was originally for kids, and the adorable plush planetary pals from Celestial Buddies are perfect for kids of all ages. We’re highlighting one in particular today, so wee is also appropriate for the tiniest of the buddy bunch, the Comet. And new for today is “Wheeeeeeeeee!” because Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) is currently flinging itself through the inner Solar System making for a spectacular viewing opportunity for northern hemisphere skywatchers! It is visible before dawn at the moment (look north-east, close to the horizon), and around mid-July it will become an evening comet (look north-west), perfect for physically-distanced stargazing!

Comet plush toy with Comet NEOWISE as observed by astronauts on the ISS

Comet Celestial Buddy and Comet NEOWISE photographed by astronauts on the ISS.

Cuddly Comet celebrating the Philae landing back in 2014 (Bonus: we still have Rosetta wood necklaces available in the shop!)

Comet NEOWISE as observed by the NASA/ESA SOHO mission in June.

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