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Cosmic Consulting

Designers, do you have a creative project that could benefit from input or advising by professional astronomers? Scientists, you want to move beyond logo t-shirts to expand the startorialism of your professional look? STARtorialist is here for you!

For designers & companies we provide:

  • Image searches: find the highest-quality astronomical images for your project
  • Science content research: find and describe the science/technology behind your image/content
  • Scientifically accurate copy: precise (and possibly puntastic) product names and marketing descriptions
  • Referrals: if we can’t help you, we’ll put you in touch with even more specialized experts
  • Sponsored posts: share your products with our audience
  • Activism: identify organizations that benefit underrepresented groups in STEM fields

We have worked with designers including:

  • Lost in Space Jewelry
    “Emily and Summer of STARtorialist have been an incredible resource for me. Not only have they helped spread the word about my space themed jewelry line to other space enthusiasts, they have been beyond helpful by finding and helping me understand image sources for some of my jewelry pieces. They are a pleasure to work with and an invaluable source for information and networking.” –Melissa, designer
  • Belle Neptune
    “[Their] publicity and support have really helped my business grow and gain recognition for my efforts. I am most grateful.” –Thilde Weems, designer
  • Shenova Fashion
    “STARtorialist has provided me with several links to amazing pictures that were favorites of theirs. Summer and Emily are two brilliant STEM style stars who are constantly inspiring and educating us at the same time with STARorialist. There is a lot of space imagery available so it is really valuable to have guidance from real life astronomers to know more about the science.” –Holly Renee, designer
  • Pacalin t-shirt designs
  • Starstuff Clothing

For scientists/individuals we can:

  • Match you with a designer to develop a product for your scientific image or result
  • Outfit you & your team for conferences and other professional gatherings
  • Find the perfect outfit for a special event
  • Gather gift ideas for that special scientific someone

We’ve worked with scientists and science communicators including:

  • Prof. Karen Master, SDSS-IV spokeperson
    "Following a conversation at a AAS booth, STARtorialist helped connect us with Tactile Melodies to develop an SDSS Plate design for necklaces and keyrings to celebrate 20 years of SDSS observing. Several collaboration members have these now and it's always fun to see them at our collaboration meetings." 
  • Ellen from a major aviation and space museum
    “Any time I need space decorating or fashion or gift advice, I always go right to STARtorialist! I know they always know where to find the best.”
  • Dr. Duy Cuong Nguyen for the West African International Summer School for Young Astronomers
    “Developing a brand logo for my project in science education was a daunting task for me. I wanted a symbol that incorporated several different design elements related to the project. I did not know where to begin, how to go about it, or what ideas to pursue. STARtorialist jumpstarted my efforts and I was on track in less than an hour. The final product was well received with accolades from colleagues, clients and stakeholders.”
  • Dr. Sarah Ballard
    “STARtorialist really came through for me in an astronomy fashion emergency! I needed a space-themed garment for a last-minute event with young children, and they shared my request with their network. Within an hour, I found another space enthusiast with a galaxy tank top within a mile from me!”
  • Emily Lakdawalla
  • Dr. Josh Shiode

We’re happy to negotiate rates based on the size of your business and your needs, and offer a free consultation to new clients. Contact us today!