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Mixed Up Feelings About Masks

I have a confession to make: we originally had mixed feelings about selling masks in the shop, because we felt conflicted about potentially profiting from the global pandemic. A year later, we've sold hundreds of masks, the vast majority of them designed & made in the USA, and it seems like masks are here to stay.

Our mission at STARtorialist includes both infusing real space science into everyday life, and helping everyone feel supported in the science research, education, and outreach community. Masks are now part of our everyday life, and help keep all of us safe, so they are part of what we do, too. Even though we are clearing our our stock of handmade masks (and some gaiters), we will still design made-to-order masks and gaiters, and we won't rule out ramping up our own production again.

Don't get me wrong - I wish we didn't have to wear masks, for so many reasons. But since we can do so much with just a simple piece of cloth, STARtorialist will continue to provide astronomy-inspired masks to help you Share Space Safely.

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