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Space Enthusiast Gift Guide for 2021

The Universe of space gifts can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together a guide to help you focus your search for extra-special somethings to make your holiday gifting out of this world!


Stocking Stuffers (Gifts Under $10)

Astronaut Keychain ($6) —Always have a helpful companion for exploring the Universe with this astronaut keychain! The clip-style ring attaches easily to keys, a belt loop or a bag, and a famous first step quote (you know the one) and LEDs in the helmet visor are initiated with the push of a button.

LH 95 Nebula Night Light ($7) — Light up your space... with space! This plug-in night light features a circular image of LH 95 from the Hubble Space Telescope, showing a star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud satellite galaxy to the Milky Way.

Learn Science stickers ($6) — Learn about the science behond space with colorful, informative stickers! Designed by a Ph.D. astronomer and fun for students, educators, and professionals alike.

 Kepler FOV 3D Printed Keychain (SALE $9) — Part of our capsule collection designed with SciChic, this 3D printed keychain represents the sensor array (aka field of view) of NASA's Kepler Space Telescope - a mission to survey hundreds of thousands of stars in our region of the Milky Way in search of Earth-sized exoplanets.


Swap Gifts ($25 & Under)

JWST Bottle Stopper ($15) — Our custom-designed, hand-finished wine bottle stopper echos JWST’s iconic hexagonal segmented primary mirror in durable vinyl to keep your leftover libations fresh all the way to L2 and the first science observations in mid-2022!


Heat-Changing Space Mugs ($16) — Fuel up with a hot beverage and the secreats of the Universe will reveal themselves to you - literally! Heat-Changing mugs make fun swap gifts. Choose from Planets, Constellations, and more!


Out Of This World JPL Travel Postcard Set ($19) — Travel the planets and moons of the Solar System and to exoplanets around the Galaxy, without leaving your desk! We printed out-of-this-world designs from JPL's Visions of the Future poster series as oversized postcards on premium paper, perfect for displaying or sharing. 


Gifts for Kids

Celestial Buddies ($22-40) — Astronomy has never been this adorable! Each plush celestial pal is identified with its name embroidered as "cheat feet" in case you need to polish up your planetary appellations. Sun, Polaris, and Black Hole also available!
Astrophysics for Babies Board Book ($10) — It all starts with a ball, and after two dozen delightful pages your baby, and their caregivers, will be budding astrophysicists! Sturdy, simply illustrated board books from Baby University engage and delight learners of all ages. This volume focuses on stars, nuclear fusion, and the origin of heavy elements (no, really!). 

Goodnight Lab Kids Book ($18) — This scientific parody of the beloved baby book will have your budding scientist mastering essential laboratory terminology like "spectrometer" and "liquid nitrogen" before you know it! Explore more baby, kid, & sticker books!

Astronaut Cat Hooded Sweatshirt ($39) — If there is anything cuter than animal astronaut outfits for the smallest STARtorialists, we don’t want to know! This out-of-this-world zip-up hooded sweatshirt features printed “Commander Astrocat” insignia on the front, jet pack on the back, and 3D cat ears on the orange tabby hood. Check out the all our adorkable bodysuits, t-shirts, dresses, & leggings!


Gifts for Big Kids 

Galileoscope Telescope Kit ($59) — Created by professional astronomers for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, the Galileoscope telescope kit provides a high-quality, low-cost kit suitable for both optics education and celestial observation. Use it to recreate some of Galileo's ground-breaking observations: craters and mountain on the lunar surface, phases of Venus, moons orbiting Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and more. The kit includes everything you need to build a refracting (lens-based) telescope, no tools or glue required! Add a Cloudspotting notebook ($3-7) to make the most of even the lowest visibility.
Space Hero Kids Cookbook ($18) — Bring space and science down to Earth with the Space Hero Cookbook! Cooking combines concepts and skills from science, mathematics, & engineering, plus it's fun (and delicious) for the whole family. Cookbook contains over 20 space-themed recipes and seven crafts with sturdy binding and lie-flat pages for easy use.
Hubble Space Telescope Sheet Metal 3D Model Kit ($7) — If you're a Hubble Hugger, you'll want to keep the iconic Space Telescope handy by assembling this detailed scale model! For 31 years and counting, NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way astronomers and the public view the Universe. Moderate difficulty, recommended for ages 14+. Tool sets also available.


Gifts for the Whole Family

Nebula Image Woven Throw Blanket ($129) — Blanket yourself in the depths of space with a woven cotton throw featuring a real space image: the star-forming region Westerlund 2 in the Carina Nebula from Hubble's 25th anniversary image release. Glowing gases, dark dust, and radiant stars are represented in rich Earth-tone colors, rendered with tapestry-like weave to bring the cosmos to your couch to keep you spaced out all winter long.

Constellation Socks ($19) — Head in the stars? Don't forget about your feet! These super soft socks sport realistic constellation figures, including some from the zodiac, along the Milky Way, and around the north celestial pole. Seamless toe and wide cuff for major comfort. Designed by an astronomer

Voyager 2 Grand Tour 1000-piece Puzzle ($25) — We have some serious puzzlers at STARtorialist HQ, and these space exploration jigsaws are Debbie-approved! High-quality puzzle features a travel poster of Voyager 2's "Grand Tour" of the outer Solar System from JPL's Visions of the Future poster series so you can solve at least one puzzle while pondering the mysteries of the Universe.


Gifts for Someone Special

JWST Mirror 22k Gold Detail Earrings ($59) — Custom-designed, handmade ceramic earrings feature the iconic hexagonal segmented mirror of JWST, which scheduled to launch on December 18, 2021. JWST will allow astronomers to study the Universe from exoplanet atmospheres to the most distant galaxies ever seen. Each pair is stamped, glazed, and finished by hand, so no two are alike. Matching necklace also available!  


Jupiter & Galilean Moons Gold Necklace ($129) — Galileo changed the way we understood our place in the Universe, based on his observations of Jupiter and its moons that now bear his name. Keep your sense of perspective with an elegant statement necklace featuring 0.25- to 0.375-inch round bezel charms of (from left to right): Callisto, Io, Jupiter, Europa, and Ganymede.


Saturn & Moons Sterling Silver Necklace ($99) — Rock(!) your love for the Saturnian system with this gorgeous opera-length necklace made from semiprecious gemstone beads and sterling silver. Minerals from our home planet represent Saturn and eight of its moons, approximately to scale in distance from Saturn along the chain.


Moon Phases Wood Bracelet (SALE $25) —Even if it's just a phase - enjoy it! This bracelet combines the organic and the other-worldly with five lunar phases laser cut in natural wood. Design is laser-cut on cherry wood, which may feature variations in grain. Handmade in Paris, France.


Gifts for the Space Enthusiast Who Has Everything

Nebula Hand-Painted Wood Clock ($149) — Spacetime has a whole new meaning when you decorate your home, office, or home office with a work of space-inspired art that also tells time! Classic circular wood clock features hand-painted nebula in shades of blue with white stars. One of a kind!


Rocket Cocktail Shaker & JWST barware ($9-49) — Blast off with the most nominal bar accessory for any space enthusiast, a rocket-shaped stainless steel cocktail shaker set that includes strainer, lid, and base. Coordinate with Moon Ice Mold and Space-Inspired straws for out of this world libations, and add glasses from our JWST barware collection for celebrating the launch of the next big space telescope on December 22!

Cosmic Image Knife Set ($69) — Make every meal out of this world with a Cosmic Knife Set! Each blade is durably printed with a real image from the Hubble Space Telescope that also acts as a non-stick coating, with a color coordinated handle. Learn while you enjoy your culinary creations with an informative, full-color 12 page “Guide to the Cosmos” booklet.


Hand-painted Nebula Ornaments ($19-29) — Add a little space to holiday decor with nebula-inspired baubles created by the Crafty Physicist! Each glass globe is hand-painted with a gorgeous nebula and Star details on the outside with a glossy protective outer layer and comes with a hand-painted tag, signed & dated be the designer.

We hope this helps plan-et your holiday shopping!
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