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Space Pumpkin Season

This blog has been very serious and sincere as of late, so I thought I’d share something seasonal and lighthearted once again: space & science-inspired pumpkin carving patterns!

Five pumpkins with simple science-themed designs on them on black, on a white textured background

    Galaxy, Sun, Saturn, Satellite, and Volcano patterns from NASA Space Place


    Hald JWST hexangonal segmented mirror, hald spiderweb design carved on a pumpking glowing from the inside, on a dark spooky background

    Retro NASA "worm" logo, JWST, & more from NASA Goddard

    Full stack shapce shuttle paunching with exhaust clouds at the bottom carved into a pumkin, shown on a plain white backgroundSpace shuttle launch from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum


    Four pumpkins with weather-themed graphics on them in black, on a white textured background

    These weather-themed designs from NOAA could totally be space, too (bonus points to NOAA for the clever “SciJinks” portmanteau)

    Black pumpkins carved with dots and lines to represent constellations, on a spooky dark background.
    And of course, constellation pumpkins, one of our first viral posts from the blog-blog (as opposed to this shop-blog)

    Check out all the pumpkin posts from the blog-blog for even more ideas!

    Definitely don’t feel pressured to outperform these JPL contest winners.

    What are your favorite space-themed carved pumpkins? Share them in the comments, or tag us on social media!







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