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#SciArtSunday with Sarah Noble

We met Sarah at DPS53 and we’re so impressed with her work that we asked Briley Lewis to interview her for our blog!

If you find Sarah Noble at a scientific research conference, you might come away with some handmade goodies! 

Various necklaces with planetary science themes

Image: Handmade planetary jewelry (courtesy of Sarah Noble).

Sarah gives away her art for free, keeping a small stockpile with her when she’s at conferences like LPSC. “It’s definitely not a great business model, but I admit it’s fun to walk around the conference and see folks wearing my stuff and proudly showing off their favorite mission or planet,” she says.

A planetary science and lunar geologist, Sarah's science obviously inspires her art. Sarah creates in an incredible variety of media, all showcasing the wonders of space: jewelry, acrylic painting, watercolors, woodworking, and more. When asked why use astronomy as the subject of her art, she says “because it is beautiful and amazing and I want to share it with the world.” 

Art has always been a part of Sarah's life, from pottery in high school to a minor in painting in college and beyond. She’s tried almost everything: stained glass, mosaic tiles, watercolor, pastels, pyrography, oil painting, oh my! A recent favorite is combining watercolors and gel pens. 

“It's fun to play with new kinds of media, keeps things fresh and allows me to keep learning.”

One of her most recent endeavors is pyrography, or wood burning art. While some of us were learning to bake sourdough during the pandemic, this is what Sarah was up to!

A large selection of wood jewelry

Image: Many of Sarah's recent pyrography creations (courtesy of Sarah Noble).

You can check out more of Sarah’s art on her website or on Twitter @IntrplnetSarah.

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