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Our New Shipping Policy

A reminder of a change in our shipping policy that was recently announced via email...

Starting February 1, 2023 we will no longer be offering free US shipping on orders over $100.

We understand this may be disappointing, but the costs of running a small business are high, and we put lots of time, effort, and care into preparing your orders for their journey to you.

Our new policy will also make ordering more fair to our international customers, who were not eligible for discounted shipping.

Made to Order products will still ship directly from the printers, who offer flat rate shipping depending on the product, including reasonable international rates.

See below for a storyboard of how Debbie gets your orders ready for launch (a.k.a. mailing), and thank you as always for supporting us!

The first steps of Debbie's process: her workstation, writing notes, getting inventory from her basement

Debbie's next steps in an order: gift wrap if asked, adding stickers + recycled packing, and our famous blue metallic mailers

Debbie packing up shipments and sending them out via USPS

Thanks for the tour, Debbie! And thanks to all our wonderful customers for bearing with us through all the ups and downs and changes of running a small business. 💜

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