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2021 (mostly) Orbit in Review

Though starting a New Year on January 1 isn't astronomically significant, two events near that date are: the December solstice and perihelion, or Earth's closest approach to the Sun. This orbit's perihelion is on January 4 at 1:52 am ET and brings us 91,406,842 miles from our star.

We thought this moment would be a good opportunity to take stock of some exciting things we've done over the past orbit, as we look forward to more revolutions!


Square 3 by 3 collage of photos showing our own designs: space-print clothing, JWST mirror glassware, graphic t-shirts, and facemasks


We really ramped up our own custom creations this year, from space-image apparel (shown above: NGC 602 sweatshirt, Infrared Pillars t-shirt, DKIST Sunspot skater skirt, M83 Spiral Galaxy skater skirt), graphic t-shirts (shown above: Universal Love t-shirt, Dare Mighty Things t-shirt), JWST glasses and barware that are all hand-finished in Maryland, and of course, FACEMASKS - thank you for sharing space safely!

Shout out to our models for these photos - you might recognize a few of them.



Square 3 by 3 collage of photos showing our collaborative designs: including wacky space-print clothing, nebula image woven infinity scarf, JWST scarf, neckalce, and nebula ornaments, Mars 2020 parachute skirt, spacecraft earrings.


Perhaps even more rewarding that our own creations are collaborations with other designers! Here are just a few: Lucy mission earrings (with Jabebo), JWST spacecraft scarf (with Briley Lewis), JWST Beyond Midnight flight jacket (with Antonio Holguin), JWST mirror 22k gold detail ceramic necklace (with Surly Amy), Perseverance & Ingenuity earrings (Jabebo), Dare Mighty Things Mars 2020 skater skirt (Erin Winick of SciChic). Some are limited editions (Alien 👀 Pillars), and some so popular that they are sold out (Nebula Image Wove infinity scarf, JWST Nebula ornaments), but we are restocking soon!



Our shop started out at scientific research conferences, and even though "virtual" conferences are exhausting in a whole different way, we love that their lower cost helps us attend more of them than we would be able to otherwise! Last orbit we attended our first virtual winter AAS meeting, and our first ever Lunar & Planetary Science Conference (they love their socks!), and curated custom merch for CosmoQuest-a-Con's 80s Space Party.

We have lots more in store for our next orbit, so watch this space!


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