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Making Space for Everyone, One Vote at a Time

I have to start by admitting that for the last many lunar cycles, STARtorialist has been a sort of escape for me, a way to enjoy beautiful things and feel productive despite the surrounding chaos and darkness. It was heartwarming to know that our fledgling business could bring joy to astronomy enthusiasts and in turn support dozens of independent designers who were struggling to stay afloat during lockdowns, even though it sometimes felt like a drop in the bucket.

Plus, STARtorialist has long had a mission to make space and science accessible and engaging for everyone, to support inclusion and self-efficacy for members of traditionally under-represented groups, and to foster connections between science and art in its many forms. The business is really a product of the mission, not the other way around.

What I didn't fully appreciate until recently is that we can fulfill this mission while also making a difference in the wider world, or at the very least supporting those who do. Inspired by Professor Misty Bentz, we printed postcards of NASA JPL's Solar System & Exoplanet Travel Posters and shared half of the order with her. As of today Misty has spent approximately 53 hours writing 1600 postcards to voters in advance of the US election. That is certainly deserving of a Women Crushing It Wednesday Post, to say the least!

Astronomer Misty Bentz smiles in front of a mailbox holding a NASA JPL Venus Travel postcard and wearing a white v-neck JWST t-shirt

One election might not fully turn the tide on all that ails us as a civilization, but it is a necessary step to restore integrity, responsibility, and yes, support for science to our government. We will continue to support causes important to us not just as scientists, but as human beings.




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