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Happy Aphelion Sunday, STARtorialists!

Happy Aphelion Sunday, STARtorialists! Yesterday at 7:34 am (NYC time) the Earth was 94,507,635 miles from the Sun, its furthest distance for this orbit. As we inch closer for the next six months, you can celebrate our closest star every day with some our favorite Sun-inspired designs!

From top to bottom:

Sun Illustration Cotton Bandana - a beautifully hand-printed bandana based on a scientific illustration of the surface of the Sun, available neon and neutral, doubles as a DIY no-sew face mask (video instructions).

Sun Illustration Cotton Handkerchief - smaller than the bandana so even more portable & eco-friendly, plus it will soften with each wash. Use it to replace tissues, paper napkins, and more!

Sun Image Ring & Earrings - these are a brilliant way to wear a little sunshine every day. Also available in a necklace, clip, & hair slides

Solar Eclipse Wood Bracelet - eclipses in general are less rare than you probably think, but a total solar eclipse is still an experience to cherish! This design by a Ph.D. astronomer (!!!) is available also as a necklace.

Sun plush toy - you don’t need any sunscreen to get close to this cuddly Sun.

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