Apollo Trajectory Plastic 3D Printed Necklace
Apollo Trajectory Plastic 3D Printed Necklace
Illustration of Apollo trans-lunar injection trajectory from Earth to the Moon

Apollo Trajectory 3D Printed Necklace

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Launch your love for space to the Moon and back with this 3D-printed Apollo trajectory necklace. The design illustrates the 240,000 mile trans-lunar injection orbital path that each Apollo mission followed from launch to lunar orbit. As an extra nerdy detail, Earth and the Moon are to scale in size!

Pendant is black plastic 0.7 mm thick, measures 5.5 inches in width, and hangs on an 18-inch chain. Earth trajectory side is approximately 1.25 inches in diameter and the lunar trajectory side is 1.0 inch in diameter. Made in the USA.

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Image credit: NASA Apollo 8 Mission Report